Saturday, March 8, 2008

the truth of late night baking

I don't know about you, but I always end up trying to do my occasion-baking late at night. Too late. And things go wrong - I forget to put in raising agent. I undercook or over cook things, cakes are always still soggy when they're meant to be done, and I end up taking them out and putting them in a thousand times til they're overdone. And all the excessive effort and a crappy result results in a pissed off baker the next day. So I really relate to the sentiments of this cake, even though it must have made for a crappy birthday for whatever happless husband it was destined for!

I'm amazed at the cake topper industry these days - how's this for an amusing divorce-cake?


p said...

oh dear, that reminds me i promised my sister in law a cake for her birthday party on the 29th! in longford! will i bake it here and transport? what about fresh cream? will i bake it there? with an oven i don't know intimately? aaargh! what did i get myself into!

jothemama said...

Hmm - bake and bring. The cream will be fine on the way up, whip it and decorate it there. That's my advice.

I'd love to be calm about baking! It's always a bit chaotic when I actually do it though!

jothemama said...

There's a gorgeous cake tin (for storing, not baking) that Typhoon do, you can get it in House of Fraser, or Avoca, or that nice cook shop in Bloomfields in Dunlaoighre - beautiful shape, pastel colours, really 50's (40's?) retro. I lust after one!