Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Facebook friend comparison thingy is throwing odd opinions my way:

Here is what your friends think about...
... your strengths:
best singer
most absentee
best listener

... your weaknesses:

What? Anyone who knows me will know that I can in no way sing, and should never try, even though I can't help it sometimes. Make a joyful noise and all that.

I am fucking absentee alright. I've been too pissed off to post (bitch'n'moan) about my lost weekend - started, then didn't have the stomach for it. Martyred!
And my weaknesses? Toughest and bravest? Well, they're job interview weaknesses, not real ones, in my opinion - I only wish it was true! I'm as tough and brave and a blancmange.

I did overheat the oil when I was frying tofu the other day, and automatically stood between it and the baby when it started to spit. I wonder does that count as tough and brave?

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