Thursday, May 15, 2008

monthly best blog post award

Blog Readers! Reward the weary and unsung blogger by voting for Blog post of the month, here!

Damian is the cheese, he really is - who wouldn't want a wee trophy! I was worried that posting this would count as whatsitcalled, soliciting? Canvassing? Campaigning! But I see others are doing it, so it must be ok.

I have to say, now and again I write a post that really pleases me, and I hate to think of it relegated to the annals (heh, annals) with no one ever seeing it again. I'm trying to work out how to do a favourite posts box, but haven't managed it yet.

So off you go, read and vote, make a blogger happy :)


morgor the man said...

so if you see other people soliciting it's ok?

You're disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

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