Wednesday, May 28, 2008

orange juice

Apologies if I've posted about this before.

The only real craving I had when I was pregnant was for orange juice. Tropicana or the cheaper Tesco one with bits, that they're sadly stopped doing - they've replaced it with one that says it's not concentrated, but tastes concentrated...

I could have cheerfully drunk two litres of the stuff a day - preferable straight from the fridge (I don't know what it is, but I have an urge for cold drinks from the carton - even my soya milk, I just can't resist. It seems the only thirst quenching thing to do. Why? I have no idea.)

But the orange juice, oh, the need for it, when I was pregnant. I had to go get a litre one day when I was working in Rathmines, and I found myself waiting in one of Dunnes' queues, and just couldn't help breaking the seal and having a swig. Pregnant looney alert! And it's never really gone away since. The only other noticeable one was of the same ilk - I bought a watermelon a couple times last summer, and just couldn't get enough of it, shaving off little slice after slice, the cold, sweet, wet, juiciness of it, ohhh!

My cousin told me, when we were on the beach, that she went there for end of school parties with her friends when they were kids, and one of the mothers would bury a watermelon at the water's edge to have when they were finished the day: cold, icy melon, dug up and split open and shared out under the hot Californian sun - slurp!
One funny story regarding the beach and beverages - while we sat down to our picnic, my cousin tried to open the lemonade bottle we'd brought, to no avail. I had a go and got nowhere, I don't know if it had got slippy in the cooler, hadn't been punched fully, or what. I looked around, and saw several MEN in a row, sunbathing. One was sitting up. I suggested we ask the bronzing beauties, and my cousin looked at me. Ok, I'm brave enough for that - off I went, towards the one not lying down - he looked at me with fear in his eyes - what was this woman with two small children doing approaching him with what may or may not have been a champagne bottle and an alarming proposition?
I didn't help by saying 'Can you help, we have a feminine emergency?' He looked even more alarmed, but relaxed visibly when I asked if he could open the bottle. I expected him to have to pass it round, let them all have a little manly competition: instead, his hand barely closed around the lid, and TSST! it popped open, just like that, with no apparent effort on his part. What shame! Men are great. Don't say we don't need them.


Maggot said...

Soya Milk and Tofu are the two arts of the veggie diet that turn me off. Blech. Pulses etc - I love them.

Tinman18 said...

Men are the easiest creatures on the planet to manage, Jo. Just ask us to open a jar every now and then, and make a little "oh!" sound when we do it, and we'll go around with a big grin on our face all day.

jothemama said...

Well, if you're happy drinking dairy no need to worry about soya milk - but Alpro do several varieties that are sweet and creamy, even good in hot drinks - I didn't believe it til I tried one on its own, but they're good!

Still an aquired taste for most, I'd say. Still, I my very Catholic old school mother in law, raised on bread and dripping etc, was very happy with the fresh refreigerated one I got her to try and if she can like it, anyone can!