Wednesday, May 14, 2008

yay me

So whenever we go on holiday, my husband does the driving. He's a great and instinctive driver, I drive like the (possibly) dyspraxic woman I am.

The stress of trying to guide me through lanes, roundabouts and intersections while keeping me on the right side of the road would never be less than driving for him, so he always does it.

Yet here I am on holiday on my own, and we can't fit three car seats into one car, so I got a driving lesson from my cousin's husband (automatic car, odd intersections where you give way to the right, and take turns with all other lanes unless you got there first - I think..) and I was out and about - I even drove home all by myself, not even following my cousin today!

I'm fierce proud of myself. There was a time when I thought I'd never learn to drive. Now it's automatic. And even though Santa Barbara is a sleepy, easy going town where everyone cruises around at 35mph, I'm still delighted with myself. And the feeling of autonomy is great after being driven for a few days. Very Thelma and Louisey.

We saw a labradoodle downtown today. And something else fabulous, but I'll post about it when I get home and I can show you the photographic evidence. I also had a burrito, you poor, sad potato eating fools. Mwahahahahaha etc.


aquaasho said...

Yay for you doing something you never thought you could. I actually abseiled out in Dalkey recently, same feeling. Something I thought I would NEVER do! Well done!

jothemama said...

Ok, now I feel pathetic :)

PĂ©itseoga said...

we're the opposite: i do all the driving abroad, i learned to drive on the continent, and i've had my licence for the last 15 years, whereas my husband only got his last month. and while he's a good driver, i can't relax when he's driving, i'm a terrible passenger seat driver, forever commenting on the positioning on the road, breathing in sharply when i get scared and urging him to take the foot of the gas as soon as a red light is coming up in the far distance... completely like me dad! who drives me demented when he does it to me! i'm usually exhausted after a 2 hour trip in the passenger seat...
automatic cars are quite nice though i have to say... they can be more economic, too.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Jo,

Congratulations on the step of freedom, so to speak! Feels wonderful doesn't it!! :)

my hubby did all the driving when we were in Eire and the UK. I just couldn't quite get the hang of it safely, that is, at least in the cities. :)

funny, but I'll take abseiling/rappelling anyday over trying to navigate parking and flying in/out of LAX by myself...I was petrified! :(

Santa Barbara is beautiful! It's about two hours from me. We usually go to the beach at Ventura, which is just south.

Hahaha, on the burrito!! Try Tacos al Pastor ("pahstore", with emphasis on the end syllable)!! :))

aquaasho said...

No that wasn't the intention. It's the same thing, it's all relative! :-)