Thursday, June 26, 2008

it's raining, it's pouring

My old man is actually snoring right now as well (well, he was when I started writing, no any more).

It's hammering down. At the end of June. Are we going to have fifty days of rain again?

So rapidly increasing climate change means we're going to have much more storms through the year, though I was told arid summers, that's not happening yet. We need to get planning for more flooding and storm damage.

A friend was just on holiday in Sardinia and the campsite got flooded out in three feet of water - luckily their mobile home was on a rise, and after the sun came out again, they walked past all the people waist deep in water on their way to the beach, feeling a little guilty but not quite stopping to help bail!

I've always said I'd take the wet and unpredictable weather here over giant spiders and poisonous things, or tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes and so on. I wonder though, it seems like things are going to keep getting more extreme.

And knowing Ireland, we won't prepare for it. Willie O Dea has yet to send a really comprehensive booklet, imo.

I feel sad though - my husband's been working flat out since forever, and he doesn't usually have weekends off - he's been in a windowless warehouse through all the sunshine, we haven't really had a sunny family day out together. Now the longest day is passed, and the rain and gloom makes it feel like it's not really summer. And whatever it is, it'll be gone before we know it!


Rechru said...

Oh God I got drowned today by the rain, walked in and out of town with it bashing down on me. Straight-down rain! Thats the baddest kind. Used to love straight-down rain when I was digging cos it meant you got to go home. Funny how we all continue to live in hope for a great Summer - when was the last one, the only one I remember is 1995!

jothemama said...

digging... gardening? Archaeology? Building work??

I have to admit, I haven't got soaked like that in years and years - too much driving!

I don't need a great summer - just a summer!

Rechru said...

Can't drive! And hate the bus. So I get regular wettings but not usually so wringing as yesterday.
Yep its the Arch. type of digging. Himself does the same, so at least he was home early yesterday on account of all the rain

jothemama I love your blog picture. Tempted to steal it for Facebook profile! But himself will give out, the word breastfeeding is nearly banned in our house I'm OBSESSED

jothemama said...

Steal away, hon, I'm fairly sure I stole it from the homebirth Association ;)

How cool to have a mama who's an archaelologist. Like Rachel Wiez (sp?) in The Mummy!

Rechru said...

Rachel Weiz how are ya!!
Ah yeah well I think it's cool anyway. She'll probably grow up hating it, she's gonna be dragged from Museum to site to field monument ...

PĂ©itseoga said...

oh i hope there is still a summer to come! i bought a parasol for the garden! the whole climate change thing scares me too. i sometimes worry about one thing, like if the train tracks get flooded how will i get into work, only to then realise, if the sea level rises, work might be gone, too!