Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I don't know about you but I don't use blogreader, I kind of like the brief flare of hope that comes with checking a blog you read for a new post, though I chided myself today for checking back to Midge's site, as I know she's been swamped with pox ridden offspring (not only hers but two others as well!) and more vomitiness. How in the name of god would she have had time to draw breath, let alone blog.

Yet wonder of wonders, she did, videos and all.

Bloody hell! Here's to SuperMidge!


Tinman18 said...

What sort of pox have they got that makes them look like pandas?

jothemama said...

I thought someone would comment on that. I looked up midget wrangler on Google Image and this is what I got. It seemed approriate for a supermum. Well, maybe not, but it's cute!