Wednesday, June 18, 2008

look what I made!

I started two knitted dog toys last October, on holiday. A combination of baby-business and much ravelling and re knitting meant that the project was NOT finished by Christmas, despite late night Christmas Eve desperate yet fool hardy attempts. One was for my son, the other for my nephew. Well, my son's still isn't finished, but I did manage to complete my nephew's, by the skin of my teeth, the seat of my pants, in the car outside his house at his first birthday party!

And here it is, the Handsome Hound. It's a bit holey, but it does actually look like the picture in the book! I meant to post this before, but forgot, and was reminded today when my cousin said she'd taken up knitting, following in my aunt's footsteps. Procrastination aside, I'm so proud of myself!


aquaasho said...

Aw he's gorgeous! I saw him in his infancy in Starbucks! He looks great!

His Girl Friday said...

Excellent! :)