Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I know it's only been grey and rainy for a few hours, but it feels like winter. It doesn't help that I've a bit of a sleep deficit situation and I had too much carbohydrate for lunch and nearly fell asleep driving home. The combination of rain and tiredness makes me yearn to be in a little snug cottage in the countryside somewhere, snuggled by a wee fire under a blanket, having bowls of soup and hot toddies. There might even be a country pub nearby, where I could have more hot whiskies, or even a pint, next to another little fire, with gentle conversation.

Then back home and into a feather bed, old, smooth cotton pillowcases and sheets. A nice hot water bottle.

And then, after nine hours of unbroken sleep, I'd go out for a walk in the sparkling dewy morning, see a bunny, pick mushrooms, and fry them with an eggy breakfast of some sort,toast, tea...


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His Girl Friday said...

oh, yes, sounds absolutely wonderful!! :)