Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So last night myself and the husband had a bit of a discussion regarding contraception. After a bit of (pause for word search and consideration - feck it:) rumpy-pumpy (hee!) we agreed that regarding several more decades of shagging, the stakes are now higher as we have had our happy complement of children, being blessed with a girl and boy child and having failed to make our fortune thus far.

Plus we're wrecked and ageing unnaturally rapidly :)

And for any other reasons, just read over the first year of this blog.

We came to a swift conclusion. The husband immediately asserted his complete lack of interest in vasectomy, and I'm on that page too - not something I'd ask anyone to do (along with waxing :) or be particularly comfortable with. I've never been on the pill in my life and don't intend to do it now. The coil I haven't thought about, though it doesn't particularly appeal to me.

So the long an the short of it is that we'll carry on using condoms, as I've done since the tender age of 15. It's worked for 15 years of our relationship, bar the time we didn't use one and had a baby - but hey, I'm over that now and I've learned my lesson :)

I know they have a high failure rate compared to other things, but that does include silly people (ahem) who use them as their main contraceptive method, and sometimes don't and get pregnant. We're happy with them. Unlike a lot of men, the husband has no problem with them. They don't do anything to you, they don't require insertion, they save on mess, and if ever you find yourself in dire need, you have a water balloon handy. Hurrah!

However, I woke up this morning having had an extremely vivid dream that I was pregnant. My son was walking and talking and had a full set of teeth but still too small to be doing those things. I was hanging out in Russell Brand's apartment, and also climbing stairs in a department store. And my neighbour was offering me a job selling charity scratch cards (oh dear).

But it was really very clear. I know it's because I have an aquaintance in this position, so it's on my mind. But still. Unnerving!

As a related aside, since my teens I've had frequent, realistic pregnancy, labour and baby dreams. Apparently these symbolise the projects that you're working on, and your creative self. It makes sense, really. I haven't had any since early in the pregnancy, so I suppose I was due one.

Hmm, messy. In case you've got this far none the wiser, this was meant to be a post about dreaming I was pregnant.


Darren said...


I dreamt I was pregnant once. Now THAT was unnerving.

jothemama said...

Ha, you obviously just have a well developed feminine side - I wouldn't worry abou it - see the explanation in the post above.

PĂ©itseoga said...

i've had pregnancy, baby and labour dreams too, even before i was pregnant. the labour one was scary. the baby ones usually end up with me having forgotten about or lost the baby somewhere in the hospital and only remembering later in the dream that i was supposed to look after it!
i hope that's not trying to tell me anything about my ability to look after my baby....

His Girl Friday said...

oh, I just had one of those the other day, pregnancy dreams, that is! Well, I'm over and done with pregnancy, or at least I'm supposed to be (they had better stay 'tied')
...maybe I was just in one of those nurturing moods! :/ :))

Ps thanks for your comments on my blog! :)
I'm limited in computer time due to laptop dying, but I'll do my best to stop by here now and again :)

jothemama said...

Always nice to see you, HGF!

raptureponies said...

I have had far too many pregnancy dreams than I care to admit.

The worst is where it's somebody you vaguely know, and then you meet them the next day!

And ones about my teeth. Those are weird.

Thriftcriminal said...

Vasectomy is no bother (more scars?) though the doc might have been a little more thorough with the local anesthetic.

jothemama said...

Fuck! You're stoic. I had to have three injections last time I go a filling.

Did you look into anythinkg about sideeffects? I heard there are some, but not what.

I know plenty of people have been positie about it, but as I don't fancy taking the pill and altering my physical ability to conceive that way, I wouldn't push an op like this on the husband!

Thriftcriminal said...

The only scary side effect is shooting pains in the nads, but that pretty much never happens. They have no explanation for why it would happen either. The female doctor I consulted seemed to think it was psychosomatic. Nope, no issues for me, except sounding like a young Aled Jones of course... Just kidding.

jothemama said...


I don't think the almost never shooting pains is a great selling point though.

'Nonsense you silly little man, they're just testicles!'

morgor said...

And ones about my teeth. Those are weird.

Ah, now those i can explain.

I assume they're dreams where your teeth are rotten or falling out or something?

Well I used to get those sometimes too and looked it up and apparently its when you're stressed or anxious you will have dreams like that.

The other common dream that i know the reason for is the falling dream when you wake up suddenly, its a trick your brain uses to wake you up because you're not getting enough oxygen. (so you wake up a bit panicked and breathing hard).