Friday, July 25, 2008

i love metrodad

I liked this post, I"m sure we've all thought about this. The thing about e-friends, while I think the friendships are sometimes more valid than face to face friendships in terms of what you get out of them, if you've never met someone and aren't involved in their day to day lives, that friendship can fade far too fast to be that real - for example, say I know someone from the blog, and we email and comment on each other's blogs, if they stop posting or mailing, what can I do? They might be dead, I wouldn't know, and while it would make me sad, I fear the memory of the contact would fade fairly quickly. It would be much easier to normalise than losing someone you socialised with, I think.

I've just re-read this post I threw out speedily the other day and it doesn't quite say what I meant it to. It seems to read 'I wouldn't care if you all died, internet aquaintances'. That really wasn't the point I was making! I think the net's all about communication these days, and to be honest, I used to call my mother when I needed to know something, and it's nice to have the internet as a resource instead.

For me, the people I interact with online add hugely to my day each day. I don't know if it can be called friendship in the strictest sense, but especially not being in the workplace and being home with small children, I find the interaction invaluable. And the opportunity for humour, argument and support on tap is phenomenal.


Darragh said...

Jeez, did you see how many comments he gets?

Recently someone went missing for a while on me - someone whose blog I really like because I always leave with a smile - and suddenly she's gone for what seemed like ages. I was worried. Really! It's one thing to say "bugger this for a game of soldiers" but quite another to say nothing and just disappear. I've never met her, don't know what she's like in real life but yes, gone.

And the relief I had when seeing her back was akin to knowing they're not cancelling your favourite series, or *that* director IS making the sequel or something similar. Perhaps not an actual friend, but a blog comrade.

You're right about the invaluable interaction. Very well put :)

RandomNoise said...

Entirely agree Josephine,

I recently moved home and job and didn't have interweb for a few weeks. Lost track of you and major and a couple other blogs.

Now am strangely reticent about posting again, and nervous about the new names I don't recognise. Very much an akward teen flashback, but there you go.

Also loving the MetroDad blog for the past few months, the well spoken (written?) erudite bastard.

jothemama said...

Isn't he though? I'm jealous of his fabulousness,

Ah, come back to us, RN! You're nice.

But what makes you think I'm Josephine?

RandomNoise said...

No reason jojo - it just semms like it fits, though i suppose you could be a joanne.

If you're joseph i'll be surprised.

jothemama said...

Neither of the above, though you're close on one of them. It's a long time since I've been a Jojo :)

RandomNoise said...


jothemama said...


Tinman18 said...

Hiya Jo-Ann (can I play too?)

Just back from France, & I realised while I was there that I was looking forward to catching up with all the Majorettes just as much as I looking forward to hooking up with the people that I chat to in my local pub.

I think Twenty's site is like a virtual local - you go in, don't know who'll be there, but you know there'll be someone you can chat to.

The topic may be the fallout of the Lisbon defeat, or it may be boobs.

I think it's right to think of these people as friends.

jothemama said...

Welcome home, Tinman! Hope you had a good time.

Are you going to read up on all the posts you missed?

jothemama said...

Nope on the Jo-Ann by the way.

Anonymous said...

Ta Jo.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, sent that before I was finished. We did have a good time, weather was great, I look well rusted.

I'm just flicking through blogs today, but once I'm back at work I'll have an hour each way on the train, so I'll catch up with things then.

Did I miss anything?