Friday, July 11, 2008


Bad Things

Dropped a can of dogfood on my middle toe, rim first. Oww! There was black line of bruise, now it's spread purple all over. No longer painful, thanks to arnica. Love arnica.

Baby sick/teething and cross. Lots of cranky shouting. No sleeping or much eating.

Row with mother in law in which I lost my temper and she attacked me back with her customary offensive defense over how I feed my kids, too healthily, it's not fair, she can't give my baby biscuits. And much good it's doing him, look at his sick little pale face. Haha. Insensitive? Well you make me feel bad about myself, I've never been good enough for you, if you had someone better to mind the children I'd never see them. And more.

Twenty disses new blogs, which depresses me somehow. Given that I have a sneaking suspicion it's aimed at one I'm posting on.

Other Twenty commentator wishes for no Jo:
Feynmans Ghost says:
any chances of filtering out some of the commentators …
Jo is just plain boring

Boo for Jo... It's clearly time for another glass of shut the fuck up. :(

More cranky shouting, baby not sleeping.


Good Things

New jobs in the offing for the husband - much recruitment agency interest, and a suitable job already on the table.

Cafe Bar Deli has come to Bray. It's not my favourite restaurant, but it's solid, consistent, classy. Bray has a bizarre dearth of good restaurants.

I walked down the town to go to the bank. Excercise. First time in a while!

Hysterically laughing baby chuckling at his dad playing a form of peepo with a towel. Cutester.

Chinese Takeaway (feck it).


Alleged Comedian said...

Unless Feynman's has a blog, he should keep his opinions to him / her self.

Keep on keeping on.

jothemama said...

Ach, people piss me off too..

I know I talk too much, I'm sure it's not the first time I've bored people :)


Anyway, I told him he made me cry, that may eat away at him til I reveal it was all in jest. Heh heh... of course, it also may not.

PĂ©itsoega said...

can't believe you MIL! i can believe she feels that way, older people often have very different opinions, but to actually say them out loud??

jothemama said...

She thinks she's being funny... or at least that's what she tells herself. She's actually just being offensive.

It's all very passive aggressive.

She wants to give him sugar and is too intimidated to see any other way. I think she also thinks there is implied criticism of her parenting in how I parent.

But where does that leave me, for god's sake! I should raise my children in a way that is alien to me, and sacrifice their wellbeing to make her more comfortable?


Marty Banana said...

Feynman's Ghost can go to hell upside-down. I like your Twenty comments.

I like your blogg too.

jothemama said...

AW, thank you Marty Banana! He said he was only joking... hmmm... in fairness, I was talking about myself too much - though I'm not the only one.

Rechru said...

jo don't mind the comment I've looked at that blog from time to time but its too scary! Love your blog I should tell you now I stalk it, or is that the point of blogs??

jothemama said...

Ah, thanks, but the thing about it was that it was a sort of normal, personal, comment, rather than the usual over the top obscenity.

There's actually lots of nice people on it, I've even met some. I think it's possibly a healthy thing to do to dole out anonymous rants and abuse on an inmpersonal web forum - like dressing up in those sumo wrestler suits :)

Stalking is the point I think - I can't tell you how much I love people reading here! And thanks for the comments. Life's blood!

Twenty Major said...

heh, just saw this. Rest assured my comments weren't aimed at the penis blog...

jothemama said...

See, this confirms it for me, I really don't want to write for a 'penis' blog :)Thanks for the reassurance, though, Twenty.