Friday, August 15, 2008

another oldschool weekend music post

Tomorrow I will be baking a coffee cake for my mother in law's 70th birthday. She's happy to have Claire come do the photo, now the only problem is getting my husband and his inlaws off work on the same day.

Despite the fact that it's her seventieth, neither of her sons managed to get off work on the day itself, so she's having it Sunday, which she's not best pleased about. And my husband won't be there til 6.20 or so. She's quietly well browned off about that, and the fact she doesn't get to have her party on her birthday. She didn't want any more than close family, and just a quiet dinner. And the photo, which we haven't been able to manage to produce.

So I went out to Dundrum today and got cake ingredients, birthday candles in the shape of Champagne bottles, sparkling wine, cards of various sorts (she favours the ones with schmaltzy rhymes in,), wrapping paper, a lovely bottle of Weleda Rose shower gel, photo frames (I've been trying to make my printer and computer liaise on the simple task of scanning and printing a photo for over an hour and a half now, with slight to moderate success, fuck it, fuck it, why can these things not just do what they're made to do arg grr and Captain Haddock style cursing).

What's my point? I dunno, I don't seem to have one.

I have my own schmaltzy preference, and it is for sweepingly romantic, epic songs - not so much Renee and Renato, more like this lovely thing, which I think is a precursor to BellX1's Eve, which I also heart.


Twenty Major said...

The band name is no reflection on the MiL, I hope.

jothemama said...

Heh, not an intentional connection - who are you, though, Berbard Manning? :)