Sunday, August 3, 2008

ce n'est pas un post

I wrote half a post last night, but it turned into a whinge, not what I meant to do. So I'm sitting on it, til I actually feel more whingey.

And I was going to do something else, but it just sort of happened. So here's the bank holiday weekend nostalgia video, installment three of my cassette tape collection :)

The sound's not great for some reason, so turn it up! I have two Carter memories: one is seeing them in the SFX with a group of really great people, among them Steve Cruise, who was bursting for a wee but refused to do it on the street - increasingly desperate, 'It's different for girls!! It's right down the end! in the end he made friends with a vagrant type with a bag of cans, they wandered into a public venue with a toilet which turned out to be an AA meeting.

Despite the naggin-of-vodka-in-a-can-of-coke special, I failed to get drunk that night. But the next day in school, running laps in PE, all the alcohol reactivated in my the systems of my friend and I, making it the best PE class we'd ever participated in. Ah, those were the days.

The second is seeing them at Feile, making friends with a little punk boy with a sink chain round his neck - he'd lost he key to the padlock and his neck was turning green with verdigris. He helped me find and replace my fairly new nose stud when it fell out, and when Jimbo said 'Turn around and kiss the person beside you', we did, and then had a little snog. I wish there were more moments like that in adult life. I miss snogging strangers...

So in honour of that sentiment - turn it up!

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