Tuesday, August 12, 2008

shades of green and weepy

Another gushing link (in a minute, now) to bring you all to the church of Black Hockey Jesus - an intro interview, and a shit kicking extracted post. Read the post if not the interview.

Because I recently found the script for a video I made the first (and only!) time I left the country after my daughter was born. She was three, and I am the sort of person who is not so much anxious about dying in a plane crash as the sort of person who thinks about it a lot. I wrote:

If you're watching this it means Mamma's plane has had an accident, and I'm gone, like my mamma, and that is very sad.
But I want you to know this: even though I said I would come back and I didn't, I didn't leave you. Sometimes people have accidents and they can't come back, even though they want to. But even though you can't see me now, I believe that I can see you and love you and my love is all around you. So you can talk to me all the time. And say goodnight every night and my love will kiss you goodnight every night. And one day, far far away when you are a mamma and a granny and it's time to go, I will be there, to bring you to me.

And that's enough of that, there's a little more but there's too much heartstring tugging.

So I found that, and then today I found this. And ok, so I was writing to a toddler. But still... sheesh. Imagine being able to say exactly what you wanted in a way that spoke to anyone who read it?


Daddy Dan said...

Thanks for the link!

I agree with your earlier post about fathers redefining their roles. That was a great post.

holemaster said...

Jo bloody hell woman. This is the reason I rubbed my eyes after after chopping up a chilli

jothemama said...

Oh no! I'm sorry!

Eveything is making me cry today, mostly my own terrible thoughts... I'm on some sort of awful hormonal bender and I'm taking you all down with me.

Except (testing) morgor, who doesn't care about people he doesn't know...