Monday, September 8, 2008


I have nothing to post today. Now and again I hit a vein on YouTube and realise how much free fun is out there. Anybody like Mitchell and Webb? This is one of the first sketches of theirs I saw, and it remains a firm favourite.


Lottie said...

I feel that they are somehow insinuating that Ice cream is no the be all and end all.

That's ridiculous!

jothemama said...

Good point. Those ice cream testers do very busy and important work at the ice cream factory :)

Do you know my mother used to make ice cream commercially? She worked for Mc Cambridges when they were a deli. Their icecream is her old recipe but it's not the same now.

I keep meaning to do a post about that, actually.

Lottie said...

McCambridges d Ice-cream. Im purely a B&J gal myself.

jothemama said...

Yeah, I wouldn't bother with it now. B&J is great but I've never tasted anything as good as my mother's :(