Saturday, September 20, 2008

retro weekend music post

National Stadium - at some point when I was still in school, maybe 5th year.
I'm proud of the amount of gigs I went to as a teenager. Wish I'd kept all my tickets-on-the-wall now. If you've got teenage kids, let them go to gigs, I say. It's far more memorable than school.

I was fond of the Lemonheads. The question (well, a question) is though, considering how attractive (and drug-using) Evan Dando is, would he be as good in bed as his handsomeness suggests, or would it actually make him lazy, and lie there and make the lady do all the work?
Ponder that.


Nick McGivney said...

Man, Dando looks just dorky now. Blue Steel. Gimme Eddie Vedder any day...

jothemama said...

Mmm, good idea.

Hey, Ithought you were meant to be getting back to work!