Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh I wish I had a Willy Farm for Christmas

Olivia often interprets Bodhi's baby words inventively. Recent misinterpretation yielded his conversation:

Olivia: Bodhi just said 'willy farm'! Hahahahahaaaa, he said 'willy farm'! I wish I had a willy farm! Hahahahaa.

Me: What would you do with the willies when they were full grown?

Olivia: I would ride on them!

Me: stifled noise

Olivia: I would ride them to school! Wouldn't that be fun?

Can I have willy farm?

Mama: No

Olivia: How about a willy farm toy set?

Mama: well, maybe one day.

Olivia: How about a willy farm construction set? And how about a willy farm magnifying glass?

Mama: (inwardly chuckling dirtily) yep, you might need one of those alright. Heh heh heh heh heh


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... if you cut one of the willies in half would it turn into two willies?

jothemama said...

Ew! It's not a lizard willie farm!

Holemaster said...

Willy farm, hah. Lots of material in that one. Eh, Jo, you swapped your daughter for someone else half way through that.

jothemama said...

Arse! I knew it had to happen sooner or later!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Magnifying glass? hubby storms off n a huff

jothemama said...

Tinman had a better one of those:

jothemama said...

Oh, and Xbox, for the love of god, don't sy 'hubby'. Bleh!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Sorry, 'life partner'

whoopsadaisy said...

God I'd love one of those too...when Olivia gets this venture up & running you let me know Jo :D

jothemama said...

It looks like Maxi's advertising a site that may have all the answers to your needs, Whoopsadaisy.

Bethany said...

willy farm.