Friday, December 19, 2008


But not out enough! The Long Hall was crowded and hot, the whole length of it, and I waited outside, musing about whether we'd be able to sit down or hear each other. So I wandered down the road to what used to be Sosume, where there was always space and interestingly phallic art. Since I've been there it's become the Dragon, all red light and red leather bucket seats, and what I now realise was lots of women.

So yeah, it looked fairly gay, but there was hardly ANYONE there - so - hee - I suggested to the two gentlemen I was with, when they arrived, that they go check it out with a view to a venue change. And - ha ha, of course it's gay, it's a lesbian bar, now, The George and The Dragon, you see, very clever. Of course, the red light and decor, it should have been pulsing really, it's pretty much decorated to resemble a giant vagina.

It's a massive place, I wonder it gets full up, as a matter of interest? I hope it's successful, it's a lovely bar.

So anyway, I need to reaquaint myself with town, I've been away too long. I need a map that says 'here be lesbians'.


Maxi Cane said...

I went in there once and I stuck out like a sore thumb, or maybe I just felt like I did.

Tatty Franey said...

it's been the dragon for 4 years now, or even more. i spent many a sweaty summer there, when it used to get packed with all sorts and not only GLs. it used to be a great pub. it's all a bit too stuck up, service is terrible and the DJ is appalling really. but i looooove the decadence of the decor!