Friday, January 9, 2009

stupidity tax and SAD

So we've been for out paediatric dental assessment. He kindly didn't castigate me as the facts spoke for themselves - three cavities and cleaning and capping the absessed tooth, plus the assessment and four xrays will total €1,025.

The morning we went, I was sitting at the table finishing off corrections, I'd been up til 4 am getting the others done the night before so after four broken hours of sleep I was feeling a bit dazed. I looked out into the garden and noticed the sun shining goldenly, and my heart leapt. Sun! Light! It occurred to me that a sun holiday might be just what we need, a dose of vitamins and a rest. In my fragile state, the idea of just sitting in warm sunlight brought tears to my eyes I wanted it so much. Sadly the dental bill is a yank back to reality though.

I went and stood at the door, teeth chattering in the icy sunshine, looking at the frozen socks littering the deck and Axel smoking and shivering. No, it just wasn't the same!

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Xbox4NappyRash said...

That dental bill is honestly outrageous, I don't know how they think that it is even ethical to charge that, for a child?

You know what you could do? 2 aerlingus flights to Amsterdam, €218, 2 nights hotel for the crack of it, €180, and you would have that work done for €300, maybe €400.