Monday, March 2, 2009

by 'eck Petal!

I sat in the classroom, chatting to the two students there early. Something kept making itself known, advancing and retreating, a comforting foody smell.

'Is it just me,or is there a smell of dinner?' I asked the pretty noughties girlies. They laughed, sweetly, carefully, shook their heads and gave each other amused eyes.

No cooking classes on, then.

I pondered, sure I could smell it for real. Fried onions, savoury, the promise of something nice. Not deep fried greasy, more sauteed. Frenchly.

And then I realised. Me at the cooker, frying onions and garlic, for soup for the kids' dinner, before I rushed off to the class. It must be in the front of my hair; newly washed, shiny, light - and oniony.

I'm tasty, me.


Nick McGivney said...

Not right to have me drooling like that. Ya bould thing. But just so sauteed, that's too delish.

Ms. Moon said...

I would nuzzle you.

jothemama said...


mammydiaries said... Must get about making breakfast, perhaps will include some sauteed onions!!!

Yvonne said...

mmmm onions & garlic - at least you smell nice! I just smell of stale baby puke :-)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I wonder what nickname they have for you now?