Friday, May 15, 2009


I stayed up til four in the morning reading the second Twilight book.

I'm not proud.

In my defense, I'd had to have a coffee at 11pm because I'd fallen asleep over my work and I had an hour and a half left to do. I'm not proud of that either. Coffee = medication.

But then the caffeine, werewolves, vampires and sexual tension suspense combined into a heady cocktail of not sleepy semi-arousal that had me reading avidly til four, counting hours of sleep but still not going there. Caffein and vampires do a dangerous mistress make.

Thought for today: Paul Noonan is your good-vampire boyfriend. Ohhhhhhh.


morgor said...

you're so guilt-ridden Jo.

Take it easier on yourself.

I accidentally headbutted a girl in the nose really hard during my first ever game of tag rugby.

possibly breaking her nose.

Now that's something to feel guilty about.

jothemama said...

Oh come on, I'm not guilt ridden :) just waiting for the repercussions.

As long as you didn't lose control and drink her blood, it's all good.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

*slaps you around the head*

I haven't even seen the movie! And I don't intend to either ;)

Ms. Moon said...

My daughter brought over the first book in the series a few says ago for me to read and I'm sort of afraid to open the damn thing.

jothemama said...

Do it! We're old and wise enough to ignore the sexism and the Christian overtones, and the self esteem devoid heroin, and the terrible terribly picture of co dependent romance, and just enjoy the incredible co dependent romance.

Though the endless self deprecation and lack of self belief is starting to wear on me a bit, I'll admit...

Compulsive Cook said...

Self esteem devoid heroin? I thought the whole point of taking drugs was to replace your self esteem.
Are Heathcliff and Cathy not co dependent enough for you?

jothemama said...

Meh, Heathlcliff and Cathy never did it for me.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

must be a woman thing

Mick said...

yep, a woman thing :-)

Ciara said...

Jo. So sorry. I knew this would happen. I did. But I gave it to you anyway.

And now I have someone to swoon over EC with in the schoolyard!!

(I'm afraid it is possibly a woman thing...)