Saturday, May 9, 2009

performance anxiety

So I spent yesterday making seventy strawberry buns and a cake for the wedding of the beautiful and wonderful Kate, who is dying of a headcold on her wedding day, boo! She called in the other day, all ill and busy, but with beautiful shiny gold rings in her pocket, and I wish I could have just tucked her up in a duvet with tea and care and let her have a little sleep. Instead I had to rush around making dinners amidst chaos and be no comfort at all.

However, she'll survive it, she's made of stern stuff. First the girl writes about eating pussy, and then she insists on boob cakes for her wedding.

So I had to make a pretty cake too, in the hopes that her mother won't hunt me down and kill me.

Still, hopefully she wants the boobcakes in the spirit of all things goddess :)

So anyway, I am smack in the middle of the ohnoohnothecakeistoodry,thehorror! horrors, not sure how long they will last. I would so love to be able to bake without worrying about it, will I ever be that good?

But apart from that, I hope it doesn't rain, I hope you have a beautiful and stress free wedding, Kake, I mean, Kate and Jeff, Rescue Remedy Champagne cocktails sound good.


Ms. Moon said...

Those look lovely. I officiated at a wedding a long time ago for two women and there was most definitely a boob cake.
Relax with the baking. It will all come out well.
Congratulations to your Kate and I hope she feels better for the honeymoon.

jothemama said...

You officiated? How perfect!

Thanks for the nice message - you're not wrong about the relaxing. Though there is also an issue of Focusing, I'll admit.

Ciara said...

Jo. You are a boobcake legend! These look fab. As always.

Yvonne said...

mmmm cake looks delish - even though i have the vomiting bug and the thought of food iss repulsive to me right now - your cake still awakens my tastebuds!

jothemama said...

Wow, thanks Yvonne. I might use that in a blurb at some point! :D

Red Leeroy said...


PĂ©itseoga said...

i have 12 cupcakes waiting to be iced in the morning, and i've got strawberries, philly and icing sugar ready to go. i have no recipe but hope to wing it.
they are for the thursday coffee morning (i'm actually starting to call the coffee mornings 'play group' because i sound like i'm forever off gallivanting...)
your baking looks so delicious, i must catch up with piosa cake, too!