Friday, June 12, 2009

repressed self indulgence, bubbling forth

I may have listened to this too many times tonight.

There was a time when I wished for something deep and wild. Something that would take me and break me and build me again into something realer, something that matched how I felt inside. I dreamed of feeling, connection, kindred, soul-melding beauty. I drifted through the days wrapping myself in fantasies of being beloved, being needed, being cared for, being recognised. I wrote it all the time. Embarrassing.

Adolescent fancy.

But at least, in the midst of all my self-loathing and doubt, I believed there was something there inside of me. And I hoped. I dreamed of possibility and potential made real. I spun a beautiful world, I was more than me, I was everything I felt I could be. No more blushing, babbling, crying, shame. No ‘I want to have sex with you but I don’t want to go out with you.’ None of that. Me, made real.

Of course I never found it.

No romance, no communing, no magic whispers of truth apprehended or escape from what I looked like. As is life. But it dribbled away, that hopeful knowledge, and left just enough for me to regret what was left behind.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

You really can write, you know that.

I don't think you want to hear it, as it's not the point of the entry, but you have achieved so much. It might not be what your youthful self imagined, but there are a lot of people better off because of that.

jothemama said...

Oh, thank you for that. I was waiting for the scorn and beating with sticks for posting it!

Hope Is My Middle Name said...

You said what I've been thinking, only with poetry and a lot more eloquently. I hope you don't mind that I've linked to this post.

Ms. Moon said...

That was very eloquent. I agree Ms. Hope. You know, there is a lot of life ahead of you and there is never a time when things cannot be made better. One way or another.
That part of you which yearns is still there or you wouldn't have written this beautiful little post.

Ciara said...

Oh my heart...

Jo, you truly don't see yourself. The previous comments said it all really. The fact that you are posting this is enough for me to see that the desire to be that person is still burning strong and true. And that means is has not dribbled away as you thought. But sometimes it takes some brave and daring peeling away to find what was buried by the choices we made.

I hear you. I do. And you have no idea how much I relate to this, at different points in my life. Maybe it's time to do something about it. And even figuring out what that is may take time. But it'll be worth it.

And for now, no more Mr.RPatz. He's just to soulful in spite of his angelic appearance. And you know what I mean...! :-)

jothemama said...

Thanks Ciara. You're right, he's no good for me. We'd better go our seperate ways. All the best, Rob...

Social Dullard said...

Both your words and the soulful talent of that hairy bloke from twilight are just beautiful.

Despite being a youngon myself i felt a little emotional over the unfulfilled longing when i was a teenager.

I was a late starter and those words really made me think of all those song lyrics and poems that i wrote. Feeling something but never quiet being able to say it right.

I think you captured it here with your wonderful post, and i'm not jumping on a bandwagon, that was amazing and so true for everyone.

jothemama said...

1. Stop calling yourself Social Dullard. That can do you no favours.

2. Thanks for the lovley comment. I really appreciate it.

3. You're a BABY. All a late start means is that you start late, and hopefully skip out on soem of the experimental-shit-cringworthy-painfulness you go through otherwise. Just.. go for it.

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You can just close comments on this post Jo.

Stop the crap coming in.

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