Sunday, June 7, 2009

yup, that's me

beanforest rocks:


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. I knew that.

Mick said...

Some of those are pretty cool. Especially the one that says, "teachers are hot" :-)

jothemama said...

You Go, Sir!

laughykate said...

That is a such great badge! How is the gerbil?

jothemama said...

Groan, it's here being nursed incompetently by me - on steroids and antibiotics!! and hydrating fluid and gerbil invalid-mush.

It was looking crap this morning so I decided to bring it down to 'have it killed' as my daughter insists on saying, but then when I got in from the school she was up and eating again so I'll stay the execution for another day.

For fuck's sake. Three differnet hamsters I had, and none of this shit ever happened. Gah.

Lisa said...

I'm in love. with the pin.

and I'm pretty sure that the blog is cool too. :)

found you through a breastfeeding your wit.