Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Stop Me Now!

After the party on Sunday my friend and I had a talk about self esteem and how to get it. All very serious.

And then she gave me a lift on her way home. As soon as she turned the key, 'Don't Stop Me Now' came blasting out at high volume, and all of a sudden I was convulsed by the image of her driving around with motivational music blaring from her stereo.

I turned away and started laughing, and she got it immediately.

'It's the radio! The radio, I wasn't listening to it before. You bitch!'

It didn't help, I choked out my little image, lying against the window, helpless with laughter. She started trying to drive, but ended up pulling away onto the wrong side of the the road, and stopping there, weeping. She got it together to get on the right side of the road, but then had to stop there too, imagining men driving round listening to it - 'I'm a Tiger'. 'Raar!'*

Nice, I was still laughing the next day.

* Sadly, I can't find the Alan Partridge clip that illustrates this reference :(

1 comment:

Ciara said...

Oh hilarious Jo! What a laugh!

Well that video was a great first-thing-in-the-morning jump start. I think it's gone straight on to Billy's all-time favourites. I swear that child will not be getting a car til he's thirty...