Sunday, August 23, 2009

things my children have said

Bodhi on phone today: 'Mama, I do a fart!'

Going asleep this evening

Me: I love you

Bodhi: I luv you, too!

Me: You're so sweet

Bodhi, hands on my face: No, you're sweet, sweet mama.

Aw! For god's sake, right?

On Harry Potter - Olivia and I are reading book 2 - we get to the bit where Dumbledore asks Harry if there's anything he wants to tell him. Harry thinks through the several significant issues he could do with help on, including the scary vicious disembodied voice he hears hissing about the cruel death it wants to mete out, but says 'No, Professor'.

Olivia, earnestly and with conviction: He should just tell him! If he just told him ALL of those things then Dmbledore would help and it would all be ok.

Me: Yes!! Thank you! I've ALWAYS thought that, and it really frustrates me, in every book Harry thinks he shouldn't tell even though he wants to, and it always seems like it would be the right thing to do.

Olivia: But it's for the story. If he told Dumbledore those things, than everything would be fixed really quickly and there wouldn't be a story and it would be boring. There has to be an adventure.

Me: my daughter is a genius

Bodhi on finding his Iggle Piggle doll: Look! Harry Piggle!

There's been a lot of Harry Potter round in our house recently (especially since I got the first dvd for a euro at a boot sale a while back). I love the idea of Harry Piggle though. Add a lightning scar and glasses and you've got instant Harry Piggle and The Garden Of Night.

Harry Potter and In the Night Garden crossovers. I love it.

* I just noticed I wrote cd, instead of dvd before. Who am I, my mother in law?


Ms. Moon said...

Your daughter is a genius.

Mwa said...

I didn't know you could read Harry Potter that early. I just assumed it was for ten year olds or something. I shall tell my husband to get going on that one. (He does the English reading around here.)

jothemama said...

I'd say books 1-3 are fine. After that. I'd wait a while. They get quite teenagery, and the last ones have some stuff in them that isn't really suitable.

mammydiaries said...

I love how smart kids are, and how nice they are at explaining the world to us thick, thick, adults!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Makes me smile this one does.

Anonymous said...

Clever girl!!! I often wonder if stories in which kids hold back their truths are really setting a good example, when not every child understands the reason. It always seems to be the parental figures who are left in the dark, while the clueless friends are the ones who get all the juicy details!
No wonder my mother robbed my diary so many times.