Thursday, October 1, 2009

wonderful world

I think I'll post this in celebration of my friend who posted it.

Her husband's just had a clear scan after being though a diagnosis, an operation, radiation injections and quarantine he had to do himself as his health insurance didn't pay for him to stay in hospital. And after enduring that he had a clear scan, and she posted this while he was prising the laptop from under her fingers. And the shadow puppets are cool but I `can't help but hear each burst of applause as being for them, and the celebratory love they're making and the the breaths they're taking again.

An also for my friend whose husband had the brain tumour just after their first baby was born and went through waiting and operations and radiotherapy and fear of redundancy and now they're having their second child soon enough.

And for the fact that when I reversed at speed into my neighbour's car this morning, so hard it bounced into the wall of her gateway, she wasn't actually hurt and seems to be still speaking to me.

And for the fact that me being in shock and near tears actually worked in my favour when I had to talk to Olivia's teacher for the second day in a row as yesterday she'd refused to move her from beside the boy who'd been bullying her because the tables rotate on Mondays. But that Olivia must always tell her when there's a problem. And she came home saying he'd dug his fingers into her arm, and it had hurt her arm, and the teacher had given out to him but that she'd had stomach pains about it all day.

So this morning I as able to state, in the middle of my little emotional breakdown, that I felt my daughter was being sacrificed for the sake of a seating plan, and would she please just let her sit beside someone else at the table. And then Olivia wouldn't have to get hurt and your man wouldn't have to get given out to every day.

And apparently she did move him, and Olivia was happy, and he wasn't mean to the girl he's sitting beside now. Not so complicated, was it? Gah.

Anyway. It's sorted. And I'm grateful.


Danielle said...

like i already comentet on at´s blog: YAY for clean scan...:-)

and yes jo..i followed you home..hehe*

jothemama said...

You just wait til you see the light go off upstairs, Danielle, then knowck three times ;)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Good news on the all clear.

The neighbour though, ouch. That's shitty to have happen.

We were forced to learn that song in school, hated it ever since.

Danielle said...

be sure that you ll hear me knocking soon...grinsallnaughty*