Monday, October 12, 2009

wrong side of the bed

I went to bed last night after writing the kind of blog post that never shall be posted, and today is a day that starts with standing in dogshit.

When I struggled out of bed this morning and walked out of the bedroom door, my bare foot met with something cold and squishy. Yep, I hadn't let the dogs out last night, thought Axel had done it. And then I didn't close the kitchen gate properly. So one of them (and I know which one, the evil little fucker) came and made a point, right outside my bedroom door.

This does not seem to be a good way to start the day, symbolically.


Mick said...

At least the day can possibly get any worse!

You've got a smart dog there, though. You'll not forget to let him out again in a hurry :-)

Mwa said...

That's a stinker. I hope your day got better after that.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I do that all the time.

Writing blog posts for my own therapy or entertainment.

The shit in this house is usually on the walls.

jothemama said...

I know Kelley. I never did get used to the dogshit, though it's far less few and far between than it used to be, and at least it's normally confined to the kitchen.

I don't know how you can normalise the murals, it's a tough one to incorporate into your everyday, I'm sure.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The idea of animals shitting in the kitchen more than freaks me out.

I'd rather them doing it in the bedroom to be honest.

Aden Meyler said...

Jo- That really sucks and then you have to be reminded why dog is man's best friend. I love Xbox4NappyRash's comment!

jothemama said...

Well, we don't have anywhere else to keep them?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

A shed, the hall, under the stairs, in the kids room... I'm not fussy, anywhere that breakfast and animal faeces don't meet would do me.

jothemama said...

I do clean up and disinect before I give the kids their breakfast on the floor.

Amazingly, six years on and no toxoplasmosis yet.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I'm in no way insinuating that any harm would be brought upon your wee kidlets, and dogs are

Maybe it's my wild North Cork upbringing, but the idea of animals crapping indoors wrecks my head.

Ska out the field !

jothemama said...

Well it's not like I invite them to. And mostly they don't.

There's just the odd dirty protest.

Nicola said...

yuch . thats worse than what i woke up to - a bath full of sheets, duvet covers etc.. covered in puke . 2 kids tummy bugs , 2 to go . i hate scraping puke off things ( especially carrots and rice).

jothemama said...

Oo,er I'm no fan of puke either. Midnight bed changes, no fun.

We've been surprisingly puke free here so far - Bodhi has yet to hav his first adult vomit experience, touch wood.

Isn't it always carrots and rice, no matter what?

Ms. Moon said...

I do not wish to discuss dog pee, poop or vomit. Do you know why I do not wish to discuss these things?
Because my damn dogs do these things. In my house. Frequently. And as we all know, IT'S MY OWN DAMN FAULT because I have no trained them properly.
Fuck them and let me have chickens.