Saturday, November 7, 2009

thought process

I was just making dinner, and singing Ray LaMontagne to myself.

I'll lay down this bottle of wine, if you just be kind to me...

And very quickly, I realised my thoughts were actually heading in a different direction.

And before I knew it, I realised that I was composing in my head a Country song.

About doing it standing up.

Yup.You heard me.

Extra verses welcomed in comments.


Ms. Moon said...

You leaned me up against the sink
My mind so crazy
I could not think
Whoa, boy! I said as your hands reached round
To grab my ass
My heart did pound
"Slow it down and let me think
Let's slow it down and have a drink."

But you gotta throw a dog and a truck and a mama in there too or it won't be much of a country song.

Jo said...

Nice effort, Ms, dog, truck and mama notwithstanding!

It must be more positive though - it's all all about wanting it against the sink, not backing away from it!

Ms. Moon said...

Ah well- you write your song and I'll have to write mine.

Jo said...

That implies you're getting too much of it against the sink!

There's only one thing for it:

You'll have to stop doing the washin' up.

paysan said...

Looking out the window with tears in my eyes
When I spotted my flat bed trucker go by
I waved and I waved but he didn’t see the sign
So I opened another bottle of the sweet devil’s wine.

Standing there thinking about the last time he passed
How he came up behind me and took me so fast
that I barely said wait, do you think that we should
I had to gave in and we did it just where we stood.

Now here I am back, stuck by the sink
My Mama’s out back and giving into the drink
Even the dog has given up on us all
And packed up his bones and headed off down the hall