Saturday, March 26, 2011


I had a nice night - except for the bit where I failed to realise there was an A La Carte menu as well - but just one in circulation, compared to the one-per-person set menu card. Fuckers. Ah well.

Not sure I would recommend Siam Thai restaurant in Dundrum - they were full and really busy and ours was a v big group - so, they brought the rice first and then served the main courses a good ten minutes later, brought my friend's noodles a third of the way through her main course after being asked. Didn't refill water jugs, waiter rushed and stressed, food not great... hmmmmm. I met nice people though - and was interested to note several people I'd been to school with had become larger ladies now. Also got told I hadn't changed in twenty years, which is a nice thing. God bless atmospheric lighting.

But! Point! Was sitting beside some nice younger girlie who I think my friend knows from her church. Born again stuff, that I was always a bit alarmed by when she was a rebellious younger teenager and her mum was a ... a bit alarming.

But I'd completely forgotten about that, then this wee one mentioned the hour going forward (grooooaaaaan) and I thought I heard her say 'I'm tempted to miss church and pretend I forgot, and just show up for the coffee and biscuits'. I could feel my brain gears grinding in an effort not to instantly reveal how little conflict I would have in her place, and feel myself smiling vaguely and turning away awkwardly, as if she'd just mentioned that ... I really don't know what the alternative is at this point, I'd probably find an embarrassing sexual problem easier to engage with that the idea  that someone is considering mitching off church in the morning. I don't feel very proud of myself, but I really have no idea how to talk to people when they talk about their church going. I feel a vague sense of my black soul, but much more a discomfort other bigotted people might feel around homosexuality or something. Terrible. Oh well.

Amusing ending to the evening: Jo forgets which level the car is on, and in addition to the Dundrum marathon in heels and up the non-moving travelators, I do the right level-wrong level-right level up and down lap, carrying my coat and bag and scarf and restaurant heat and sweating out my not particularly tasty curry.
Came home an hour later than planned and found all lights on and the computer (in fairness, no one in the house knew how to turn off the computer), having missed Earth Hour. We're going to observe it tomorrow night instead, I think, the kids will like that. Facebook friends reporting wonderful sessions of candlelit reading and scary stories and giggling. I think it would be a nice thing to incorporate into weekly life, actually.

I leave my computer on a lot - pop in, check mail and facebook and blogs and pop out again... pop back in a bit... I think it uses up more electricity to turn it on and off than let it sleep, but I worry it doesn't. I wish I had one you could just turn on and off simply, but I don't know if they exist yet. Macs, perhaps. Well, a Mac is on the list long after the boiler, hoover, washing machine, emersion, carpet, sofa etc.

I think I spotted a news headline about the banks asking for another 27 billion yesterday. Could that be real? Time for a referendum, I think. Japan is rebuilding itself for less than our failed banks are costing. The mind boggles.

Babble babble. My social/babble switch is still turned to on, can you hear the manic? And the late night cup of coffee. I was gonna work, but now it's 12.45, and the clock's gone forward so it's actually1.45. Bugger. I needed that hour this weekend!


Ms. Moon said...

We've had two weeks to get used to the "change." Still figuring it out. The chickens and owls and sun haven't noticed the clock at all.
Love you, dear.

Janine Ashbless said...

I really have no idea how to talk to people when they talk about their church going. I feel a vague sense of my black soul, but much more a discomfort other bigotted people might feel around homosexuality or something.

LMAO! Horribly horribly true for me too. But I find staring at them unblinking, like I'm trying to extract their souls for my demonic masters, helps spread the discomfort around in an amusing manner.

morgor said...

why don't you get a little laptop with ubuntu for super cheap?
My little laptop I bought for travelling was only 300 euro and 100euro of that was for windows (ubuntu is free, and fast but not good for games, which is why i got windows)

Mwa said...

It's funny. I HATE switching to Summer time, but this year it's not so bad, because for one day I had a baby who slept until a reasonable time. Seven! It only lasted one day... but still. Hurray!

Jo said...

morgor, I know not of what you speak.