Saturday, April 30, 2011


Patterned elephants, I heart them!

I had a fun few days in London, escaping by the skin of my teeth before the royal wedding hit. Am now waiting for  cupcakes to go back to normal. Olivia was a fabulous travelling companion! Have noticed a marked increase in my own Airport Anxiety - makes me not really want to go anywhere, at least not with kids without someone else in charge other than me. Next time, rescue remedy, or possibly anti-anxiety drugs. I'm starting to feel it's maybe time to go on drugs, especially as the EU is trying to take away access to the alternatives.

Here is a petition, if you feel like signing.

Now I have to catch up on all the work I've put off over the holiday, and stop biting my nails again. See you soon.


Mwa said...

I seriously take herbal calming pills before I set off for the airport. Three! (Which is the most you're allowed. Tee-hee.)

Jo said...

It may be Valium for you soon, Mwa, if they have their way.