Monday, April 25, 2011

happy birthday to me

I had a nice day, thank you, to everyone who asked. Got some very generous gifts from Axel, some homemade gifts from Olivia, all v nice. Drove into Wicklow and had a beautiful lunch in the beautiful new house of my beautiful godsister and godbrother in law and their family, the day included spanakopita  (a recipe I must get and maybe post here) and chocolate cake with happy birthday candles, kittens, easter egg hunts, egg juggling and nice chats.

I am so happy for my friends in their new home that they've made, and I'll post some other time about the stomach curdling jealousy that welled up inside me as I toured the house. Really.

Now packing. A mini break for me and Olivia with my other godsister in London. Airport anxiety abounds! See you soon. x


Ms. Moon said...

Oh happy birthday! I'm glad you had a good time, even if jealousy was involved.
It's okay to be jealous, I don't care what anyone says. Helps us to define what we need and want.
Be safe on your journey. Have great fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jo, you brainy thing. Mosheen

laughykate said...

Happy happy birthday you ! I hope it was/is glorious. (And you do realise that you can stretch it out for a week, don't you?)


Janine Ashbless said...

Have fun!

Martin said...

Nice one!

(what's a godsister?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mosheen why am I brainy??

Thank you Mary I like your thinking.

LK, well, I am on holiday - getting Indian Takeaway tonight and having WINE.

MArtin, a godsister - well - the friend I'm visiting her parents are my godparents, my father was her godfather, though he pretty much absconded the role. The correct term is 'gossips', how cool is that?

Of course, I'm not actually christened, but my parents asked me who I'd lke to live with if they died and I nominated them. And they are so good to me :)


Mwa said...

Happy Birthday and happy travelling!