Sunday, May 22, 2011

banging head off floor

Just got a mail from exam coordinator saying he has no corrections for me as they need someone to do both papers. No suggestion that I might have done both papers - have no idea why, I was anticipating both papers...  Feel queasy with crossness and fear about the money I was counting on and this summer's lack of income.

2 mins later I get a text from the kid I was giving grinds to say he didn't need any more - assures me he's learned all he needed to know in 2 weeks.

Gah. What's the third thing? Am quivering in my woolly sox.


Caption says "Inmates at this London debtors' prison in the 1800s were allowed to beg passers-by for money through the grate in the wall." 
A mercy!


Ms. Moon said...

That quote boggles me. I always think about Mr. Micawbar in debtor's prison. I probably spelled that wrong. Sorry.

Mwa said...

Did you send an email back to say you would do both? Grab that fucking fortune by the itchy balls!

Jo said...

Lol. Um, I think you put this in the wrong place :)

Jo said...

Oh, no you didn't, I just forgot what I wrote. Of course I did. And fucking fortune? I don't fucking think so.