Tuesday, May 10, 2011

curse of the supermarkets

I'm afraid this won't play outside Ireland, as you haven't paid a tv licence (ahem).

But a very good Irish programme about food supply and eating habits, health and the future of Irish food. It's a grim prospect, really - sad that we're buying ourselves out of producing our own food and beckoning a health crisis. It makes me feel defeated and resolute in equal measure, but I'm going to stop buying processed meat for the kids. Nitrates = bowel cancer :(


catherine said...

O god I saw that too.. horrifying..no more sausages or ham..and thats all they will take in their school lunches..trying to introduce cheese and thinking about trying a roast chicken..they were so good as babies, eating everything..what happens to their tastebuds ? if i served up advocado and banana now they,d laugh..other issues about Irish suppliers in programme were equally scary..I am so frightened for this country at times :( too

Jo said...

My daughter loves avocado! With salt, and oil poured into the half, eaten with a spoon? Maybe your kids' school will do the Food Dudes programme.

There's a range in Tesco called 'Fergal's Simply..' that has ham and chicken slices without nitrates or additives. Only last two days in the fridge though!

I made the kids oven fried chicken last night, legs and thighs, Free Range, ahem, on offer at 2.99 - much cheaper than buying fillets though.

I don't know. I used to get so much organic veg from Dennis Healy at the market but that was then - no cash for that anymore. I have no idea how to balance health and conscientious shopping on no fucking money!

catherine said...

thats just it Jo..i'd love to go to the farmers market every sat but its so expensive..thanks for tips ..think the chicken is the way to go..have planted some veg in the garden and hoping to supplement some of our veg and salad..feels good too watching it grow....god, I need to get out more..hahaha

Jo said...

No! Growing things is as close to god and the earth as we can get these days, I think everyone feels that excitement, and so we should!