Saturday, May 7, 2011

I don't know why but this rain is unsettling me. Making me nervous. It keeps gushing down, the pelting, pouring noise suddenly part of my consciousness, on and off. Clothes out on the line for three days.

I go to bed, listening to it, loving the cosy comfort of being in bed while it drums on the roof, reducing the world to a small, warm room, a duvet covered island. I imagine what it would be like to share that little, safe world with someone warm. But then I wake in the night to the sound of it, half frighted, from anxious dreams.

And then I look at everyone walking around in it today, as if it wasn't carrying radiation to us, they were unafraid. But then I saw someone smoking, and remembered, that really, how little we care about prevention, only cure matters, no matter how we do it.


itchybollix said...

you need a hug Jo


Jo said...

Ha! I always need a hug :)

Ms. Moon said...

Bless, hon.

morgor said...



Mwa said...

It's bad when you start being scared of the rain. (I've been there. Am right now trying very hard not to go there again.)

For once, I think the smoker got it right. Just for this once.