Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Olivia woke up this morning all a-joy and said, with delight, 'I'm eight!!!' We've had a great party, I made a great cake with help from my head artistic designer/consultant and we had a chipper dinner to celebrate National Fish and Chips day, even though all the fish was sold out.

I'm sorry, I know I should take some of these out, but I'm toooo tirrrrred!! So sleepy. Could sleep right here on the desk. I do love these angry birds though. No one ate the pigs, but the birds were devoured. Everyone at the cake too, several people had multiple helpings! That's a first. I was glad because Olivia ordered chocolate, and then I made vanilla sponge on auto pilot, and nearly put the batter in the freezer even though you're not meant to, and then I thought fuck it and mixed in cocoa and milk and a bit more sugar and it was extremely tasty, hurrah. I didn't even do a layer. Just a block of cake, with buttercream on top. And Aaangry biirrrrrrrds!

And then I saw this, from today's protest against supermarket price and buying policies by the farmers, and it has truly made my day.

Pic Leon Farrell/Photocall

Oh, the milk. The sandwiches! The full mouths and starey faces. I just love it. Go farmers! Just don't go anywhere without a hang sangwich, you need to keep your strength up! 


Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful, beautiful cake and happiest of birthdays to your EIGHT YEAR OLD! Oh, Mama. Can you believe it?
Love you.

laughykate said...

What a beautiful cake! You are so clever.

And it looks cooold in that shot. Isn't supposed to be summer ?

Annah said...

Oh Jo, that is the coolest cake. We love Angry Birds too and you have captured them so perfectly! Did the farmers have 'yella stuff (Mustard) on their hang sandwiches I wonder?.....
Happy Birthday sweet little one.

Rhi@FlourChild said...

That is a brilliant cake!! Wow. Did you make all the birds yourself?! I love it. Good save on the chocolate front too ;)
x Rhi

PiecesOfMe said...

oh i want to eat a bird!!! they look all so yummy..and..ha..i m glad olivia had such a great b day:-)

catherine said...

You rock Mamma ..beautiful cake ..Happy Birthday to the princess .. ahh the farmers ..drinking milk out of the carton , brilliant and fair play to them for making a stand

itchybollixwantscake said...

the dude on the right gulping and wolfing it down...hehahahah

cool cakes. but. the million dollar question. how do they taste. if the taste is as good as it looks i'd say branch out jo.

e.g. this is something that is starting out....looks...i dunno.... hang on.. the fecking website of a company just starting out on the kids and baking market is not up time
just saying. my dad helped out 2 ladies about 10 years ago to set up a cake company. they sold it for a fortune this year to one of the big cadbury. cuiine de france owners maybe.... anyhow. just thinking and saying.

i want cake

Jo said...

Mary, that's lovely. I cannot believe it!

LK, hah! It doesn't work that way here. Sunny one minute, cold and grey/wet the next. You can never ever know what will happen next. Summeris inconsistent here, there are no guarantees.

Thanks all for the cake comments - I made the birds mostly, Olivia did a few bits too, though she found the fondant a bit hard to handle. She wanted to make them all and was a bit disappointed. Her friend ordered another one for her bday though, yay! AND she thought it was Connie's - Connie is a cake goddess, ten times better than me. So woot!

Being fondant, they don't actually taste nice, just ghastly sweet, though the kids love them. Don't think you would though, POM. Heh, that's cute :)

Mwa said...

What a cake!

I love that you love that photo. That makes me smile. But then I am buzzing with wine.


PiecesOfMe said...

okay..uhm..okay..then..i take milk and a sandwich!

Jo said...

itchy, it's the start up that's the trouble. I'd need a custom kitchen, or to rent a unit and get storage.

Also, a course. Everything tastes FANTASTIC but the finish is still a bit scrappy :)

If you ever need a cake, you know where to look, dearie! Orders taken...

Lisa | said...

Love love love that cake! And I have a bit of an angry birds addiction as well, so I feel some baking coming on this weekend - thanks for the inspiration! :)

Jo said...

Thanks, Lisa :)