Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok, that last post may be a bit involved to capture anyone's attention. Bloody blogger making the quote look twice as long as it is.

Here's something more digestible, maybe.

Olivia will wear one, and only one pair of jeans. She has one nice dress she likes that she will put on a couple times a year. The fit seems to have taken her tonight, and she spotted a tiny ring my grandmother made years ago, I'm not sure who for, me maybe? It's a tiny, child's ring. I offered it to her before once or twice and she dismissed it, but today it caughter her interest, for some reason. In her pretty dress and nice ring, she looks quite the sophisticate compared to the usual unaccessorized jeans and t. My little lady :)

This one's more childlike, though - I had to take another - her hand looks  too like mine here :) 


Ms. Moon said...

She will be a woman someday. Isn't that amazing?

catherine said...

the fact that your grandmother made it makes it all the more special..i did read yesterday..twice actually to really get the made my head hurt, like a lot of technology..the pace of advancement overwhelming considering a land line was a big deal not too long ago ...:))

Jo said...

Exactly, it's been so fast.

laughykate said...

Beautiful small hand.

Irmhild said...

That's a gorgeous dress, and ring!

I don't think the jeans thing is so bad. Wouldn't you be much more upset if she insisted on wearing pink and lilac ONLY, with sequins and ribbons and princess slogans, frilly dresses and miniskirts, thinking dressing cute is the most important thing in life?

Jo said...

Um. That's sort of the point. I don't mind her wearing jeans. I mind her only being able to tolerate ONE SPECIFIC pair of jeans and having a screaming fit every time they have to be washed. And both knees are gone in this pair again, so she looks like a scruff bag.