Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had a suggestive dream about root vegetables and weddings. Stupid subconscious, telling me things I already know.

I had a job interview that was more of a brief info session and chat, and now I have paid employment for the month of July, and a vague hope of more in September. Anyone need my rarified baking and English teaching skillz in August?

I went to the car boot sale in Enniskerry in the hopes that it might be a good place to go with a bake stall, but ... it was lovely, on the grass, big trees, pretty church, but hardly anyone there. No kids, they're all off doing riding and elocution lessons and whatever else privileged country dwelling children get ferried to on a Saturday morning. Sad, it's so nice. Am tempted to go with a little bit next weekend. We will see.

Went to Superquinn, bought a nice cooler bag for picnics and possible cake sales. I meant to get one last year, and they were all sold out - it was a little bit more than I should be spending, but they're twice as much in M&S if that makes it any better. Hmmm. Ok, maybe it doesn't work like that. Still. Years of use. Etc.

While there, Bodhi asked for orangutans. Orangutans?? You know, the white ones. Took me a while, then,


Alrighty, then.

I'm glad Blogger is back.


Mwa said...

Orangutans. That's just excellent.

Ms. Moon said...

I love the words kids come up with for things. Similar-sounding but not quite. Jessie was the best at this. She told me once to cut her sandwich into "kangaroos." Triangles.
And the best was when she used to call Saint George Island, "Snake Stores Island."

Jo said...

Aw, cute, Olivia had 'tangle angles' :)

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh good on you - go for it: jobs and cakes!

Jo said...

I don't know, Janine, last year I only lost money on the cakes, and time, and then of course I ate them and got fat - there's no guarantee it's a good thing to do, tbh. We'll see.