Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Why? Why? In these days of high fuel bills and global warming and no fucking money, WHY WOULD ANYONE GO OUT AND LEAVE THE TELEVISION ON? WHY???????????????????

In other news, I have drunk a cup of Pugh Erh tea, walked in the warm day (only a few drops of radioactive rainage, mostly sunny), come home, had water, now porridge. Then will work.

Tús maith leath na hoibre.


catherine said...

Have a good day :)
Heatwave coming next week so the prophets say..that ll be good..

Jo said...

You're kidding - I'll be working indoors all next week. BOO to the timing!

Danielle said...

Why? Why? In these days of really bad televison, bad news and hour long comercials..why has someone stil a telly??? why oh why?

i see you irish class pays off eh?

Jo said...

Well, I learned that one in primary school :) It's a proverb, a good start is half the work.

And I'm afraid I wouldn't go that far, with the television bit - intellectually yes, in real life, Dan, I still need the babysitting! ;)

morgor said...

you're such a worrier.
Doctor Morgor orders you to relax and have a glass of wine tonight.

laughykate said...

Look on the bright side, at least it wasn't the heater....(which is what I did today).

Mick said...

Bíonn gach tosú lag. ;-)
Only joking.
My kid turned my deep freeze off on Friday and I only noticed today :-(
Unfortunately there was about half a pig in there!
At least she was trying to be thrifty.

Jo said...

I totally responded to this comment, Mick. Sorry about your decaying pig, that's not good.

I don't get the proverb. Every beginning is weak??

Mick said...

:-) Yeah. It's one of the few proverbs I remember from school Irish.
We killed another one, so that's all right.

Jo said...

How... unvegetarian of you, Mick... :)

Mwa said...

Omg have i been away from the internet for THIS long? I always check you and Ms. Moon first, so I must have been. Fucking hell. I really am losing my mind. It's the christening - communion - no sleep - three children thing. I apologise. Feel free to delete this if the swearing annoys you.