Friday, May 27, 2011

you wish you had my dinner tonight

So I went into work and didn't make lunch to bring with me because there wasn't really anything to make. And I was ... well, it was early.

So I went into work and ate biscuits.

Got home around 4ish and cooked the veggie pancake batter in the fridge. They were so good! God. My foolish children rejected them but I don't see how, they're gorgeous.

Normal pancake recipe, cup flour, cup milk, tsp baking powder, one egg  - but steam veg (in this case grated onion, courgette, sweet potato and carrot),salt and pepper too and blend and mix into the wet ingredients. Have with ketchup. So nice!

And now, burritos, so fucking yummy, I adore them. I confess (sorry Danielle) that I use a sachet due to laziness and lack of ingredients, but it still tastes so good... mmmm Old El Paso...

I'm feeding myself, as it were, finally. Apologies, self, for the biscuits.

Hmm. In the Irish Times this weekend, I saw a thingy advertising Eden restaurant lunch discounts - they're doing a starter and dessert for €10 dealie at the moment, probably because of the disruption caused by the unearthed Viking settlement on its doorstep. Funny, as I read it, my sister in law started rapturising about their fish smokies, and this is what the review says: Jeanne’s smokies are excellent, salty chunks of smoked haddock and plump cherry tomatoes all finished with cream and served in a shallow dish. They are a favourite starter, and a food memory she can summon at will. 

Which is exactly what my sister in law had just done. I was thinking about the joy of go-to food-memories, and I think burritos have to be v high on my list of them. But you know that. I never went to Eden, sadly for me, though I can live without the fish, I must admit. But maybe you knew that too... 


PiecesOfMe said...

ha ..dont be sorry..i have no idea what a sachet is:-))))

but you know i love burritos and fajitas and enchiladas...yummy yummy yummy:-)

Ms. Moon said...

You can get El Paso in Ireland? Awesome!
I think I'm going to have an organic frozen pizza tonight. It's just me so why not? Yum.

Mwa said...

Feeding yourself is such a self-loving thing to do. It always signals a change for the better to me.