Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am in awe

of how Annie turns her episodes into hilariously poignant little slices of entertainment. As well as all her other talents...

They will simply feed on your eyelids...


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Anonymous said...

Right now I am going through that. A friend of my mom's left a sofa that contained bedbugs. She moved from apartment to apartment every few months. Thus she must've lived in an infested you as well as brought
them with her. The sofa was right outside my bedroom so naturally my room is their brand new home.

They are definitely not fun as well as they are extremely hard to get rid of.
This is the second time I had to call the exterminator. I would not be surprised if I get
yet another go to from them. They can hide simply regarding anywhere.

Cracks, bed frames, tvs,under flaps of loose wallpaper,carpet even in the fridge as well as stove.
They can go a year without eating. No wonder the
past owner could not take it anymore and finally left.
It can get frustr
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