Saturday, July 9, 2011

flaming human

Today we walked down the town to the craft show, and I couldn't hold Bodhi's hand the whole way because it was just too hot and made me feel like my hand was combusting. I embroidered that image so he wouldn't feel bad about it.

He just walked into the room, naked and talking, and I realised he was saying, in a somewhat self satisfied voice, '... and my head is flaming and my hands are flaming and my legs are flaming and my arms and feet, they're flaming, this is my flaming wand and I am a flaming human.'

PS - by 'flaming wand' he meant the red plastic spanner he was holding, that's all.


Birdie said...

I am not a big hand holder because of the same reason. I find it suffocating.

Jo said...

Oh dear! Well, normally, I'm for it, except when it's v hot - my hands heat up and swell frighteningly - people used to hold my hand in winter because of it :)

But yes, yesterday was suffocating, all right.

Mwa said...

It can be alarming the things children will repeat. At least a flaming human is not too bad.

Jo said...

A flaming human is cool :)