Friday, July 29, 2011

get thee behind me, mommyblog

I just deleted a blog I put on the blog roll the other week. It was by a funny mom who has a high maintenance, hard to please, fun-ruining 4 year old who reminds me very much of my oldest child.

The writer is by turns self deprecating and rueful, and defensive, or at least, hey, there is no perfection here, hahaha about it all and she writes well and a lot of it is familiar.

But you know me and my compulsion to give advice and opinions as if they might somehow make a difference to anyone's life, and I just read a post about a nice day out with the 4 year old son being cut short as his 2 year old sister got sick and needed to be picked up. He was angry and cranky and not appreciative of the good time they'd had, and on the way home he pinched her and made her cry. His mom lost the plot and pinched him back and he cried and berated her all the way home - she's not meant to pinch him no matter how bad he is.

And I want to say yes, you're right, he IS right, and on top of that he's a kid in the throes of some serious sibling rivalry and her being angry at him or giving him time outs away from her or hurting him won't make that better in any way.

But I am well aware that I have not resolved my own daughter's identical feelings, nor do I deal with her anger towards her brother at all well so what's the point of saying anything. And yet I feel compelled to. So I'm removing the temptation from the blogroll and cutting myself off. I'm shutting up! 

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