Tuesday, July 12, 2011

if I'm being honest

Um, no. It's not. The bike's still there. The time I did it, I came back out and my blue bike was gone, gone :(


Birdie said...


I hate people who steal other people's stuff. They need to get a job and stop smoking crack and stealing things that other people work and pay for.

Mwa said...

Oh no! I see how that can happen but duh!

In Antwerp (or was it Gent - I can't remember), they have really fancy bike stands to chain your bike to, but they can really easily be taken apart (one screw) and the lock slides right off. That's even worse, I reckon.

I love the careful nuance in Birdie's comment. :-)

Jo said...

Yep. String 'em up! :)