Saturday, July 23, 2011

one cake down...

One Strawberrysaurus cake to go.

Bodhi went down the town in his sister's purple and black stripy leggings the other day - and I am about to make him a pink tyrannosaurus cake for his party tomorrow. Nom Raar Nom.

The kids got shiny bikes. No stabilisers on Olivia's - I feel so nervous. I learned to ride a bike by keeping my training wheels on til I didn't notice they no longer touched the ground. You might say this is how I like to approach life - no falls and grazes and wobbling and sense of betrayal because the person you trusted let go and you fell.

So anyway, I'm leaving that process up to Axl, and she's giving it a week to see if she progresses - it would be in her nature to give up if it was too hard/didn't come together fast enough, so we'll see. I'd just communicate too much nervousness, I think. I myself am a a very Wobbly Cyclist :) I'd rather this was  Dad-job.

I am really happy with this cake, I have to say.

Oh, I added catapult elastic and red feathers round the crashed bird afterwards. In a genius stroke, it occurred to me to put the blue birds on spaghetti. It gives them height, and they wobble. I really hope the cake is well received by the birthday boy! 


Janine Ashbless said...

Love it!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...


You are awesome.


Anonymous said...

As the birthday boys mother, I can confirm that it was extremely well received - by birthday boy and by his overawed party guests!

I've already told Jo this, but my favorite guest was the little boy who stayed silent and looked slightly bewildered throughout the party but, when he saw the cake, said firmly 'I want the catapult' while everyone else was arguing about which angry bird they wanted, and kept repeating it quietly to himself until he got it.

Last remenants of cake eaten last night - 4 days of much joy it brought to the household (and next door neighbours too, who got a generous portion the next day due to having been inadvertently overlooked in the last minute invitations to the party process ....).

Birthday boy has now officially rechristened 'icing' as 'heaven'.

Jo said...

Aw! I do love that catapult story.

Thanks for the cake love!

It sounds like I made it too big, though... maybe just one, next time...