Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's hard to sneeze in front of a classrroom full of teenagers.

You feel one building, and you excuse yourself, say, 'sorry, I'm going to sneeze.'

Then you realise 15 teenagers are gazing at you expectantly and your sneeze gets performance anxiety and retreats to tingle stingingly somewhere deep in your sinuses, leaving behind a vengeful I'll be back! 

That was at 10.45, and it just got me at 5.30.

**Google image has some GREAT sneeze images, but I found this post about stopping a sneeze that was informative and somehow entertaining.


Craig Sorensen said...


Mwa said...

"Sorry, I'm going to sneeze."

- Really? I don't get the whole apologies culture. That to me seems like apologising when someone walks into you. (That used to amuse me so much in the UK.) It's not like you can help it.

Jo said...

Well, yes, Ireland is bad about that. But, as for sneezing in the middle of a class, as you're giving instructions... I think that's enough of an interruption to merit an apology.