Saturday, August 27, 2011

pure magic

I have to confess, I'm feeling pmsy and spectacularly unwritey, right now. So I'll tell you about this lovely thing, but without any lyricism.

A surprise lay in the form of a bright orange sign advertising Pure Magic - the best pizza on the island!

We laughed (having missed the Graceland Chinese Restaurant which has now sadly turned into the Bayside Bistro, though the golden lions and eagles remain), we knew we had to try the pizza, if nothing else then for a laugh - there's not a whole lot of restaurant choices on the island, and much of the menu is deep fried. Side salads are a bit alarming, in one case containing potato salad, coleslaw, sweet corn and strongly flavoured 'Chinese noodles'... to go with deep fried brie and fruit coulis.

So with some trepidation, we ventured across the bog and down country lanes to find the hidden gem that is Pure Magic - of course - ! It's a kite surfing hostel and school and restaurant, hidden away back behind the lake, in Doogort.

Photos of Pure Magic Achill, Dugort

You walk through a gate with a no sheep allowed picture of a sad sheep - through a sweet garden with magic fairy trees and hammocks, and into a sweetly decorated cosy set of rooms, all very casual and boho. There's great photos of kite surfing, and where we were sitting they were projecting an animated film onto the wall, The Triplets of Belville. We finished before the end, I'm dying to go find out what happens. I love the internet...

The pizza is evidently French, and there is evidnece of Frenchness scattered around. The only kitesurfer I know is also French and I suspect he's been there and knows the people who run it. Thin crispy crust, mozzerella could have been a bit fancier, lovely toppings Bodhi stated he wanted to marry. Crispy sweet frites and ohhhhh the side salad. The perfect balm for the pub noodles and potato salad travesty - fresh, fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes (nothing more!) with the most heavenly vinaigrette on them. So good. Even better than the pizza.

There are guitars and amps, a piano and a book of chords n lyrics that suggest it gets musical and lively by the fire in the evenings. The hostel looks sweet too. It looks like a wonderful place to stay, makes me wish I was young and kitesufy. I love that it's there, I think the island needs a bit more of that sort of thing.

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