Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm sorry, minimal quantitied but superimportant readers! I went on holiday and didn't tell you. Tomorrow there will be a little holiday post and repetitive beach photos and rapturising about Achill island, but for now I am Too Tired. I'm catching up on all my blogs and interesting links from Facebook, but when I try to read anything difficult, I just... can't focus. So I give up. Pictures go down easier.

Brownies - I remade 'em - Bodhi poked a hole in them while they were cooling... he was 'just testing them'. I may have had a small sulky fit and not let him have any til the next day. Talked to the brownie recipient later in the week and discovered that they'd arrived THE NEXT DAY (insane postal system!) and that they'd been magically delicious, especially the finger hole. And as for me, I had the privilege of hearing actual intonation instead of just typed enthusiasm, and it put a huge unwipeable grin on my face.

There was lots of wind, and lots of changing cloud and sun, but only ONE solidly rainy day, and a couple nocturnal downpours. We had lots of beach time and swimming, less chilly than last year, and I count us amazingly lucky in the weather stakes!

More tomorrow x


Anonymous said...

I like when Jo is happy :)

Janine Ashbless said...

Glad you're back, and happy!
I want more Achill ...

Mwa said...

Good to have you back, Jo! x

catherine said...

Welcome glad you had a good hol and fared well with the weather.. :)