Wednesday, August 31, 2011

views from on top of Minaun.

There's a mountain behind the cottage, a big bleak hump of one, with a power station on top. I have a vague memory of attempting to climb it as a kid, with my family, and all I can remember is looking at my new boots and the phrase 'Dunlop wellies' resonating in my head. Strange associations. 

I have not raised mountain climbing children, but wussie, soft, tv watching whiny ones, so I have not yet attempted to drag them up this one. However, we did notice a small road up the side of the hill, and we drove up on the way home from the beach one day. The other side of the mountain ends in cliffs over Keel Strand, it's very impressive. 

We drove up the tiny road, sheep along it's edges, one car in front of us. 'I hope this goes somewhere,' Axl quipped - meaning, that it wouldn't end in a sheer drop we didn't see til too late. Macabre. 'Agh, shut up,' I responded, to have Olivia go 'WHAT? WHAT DID HE SAY??' loudly. Then she wouldn't accept my 'We'll tell you when we're back down again' answer, so as not to freak her brother out. I struggled to stave off TOO vivid an image of the tip and screaming plummet.

Anyway, it ends at the power station. It was grey  and freezing and fierce windy and starting to rain, so the shots aren't so great, and the video worse. And it's full of my chatting, sorry. Might view from up there all the same. 



catherine said...

i just want to paint that looks even more spectactular in the video..amazing..

Mwa said...

That looks like a beautiful place. The start of the video looks like a car advert. I didn't hear any chatting. Did you change the video?

Jo said...

Maybe it was just too windy :)

Anonymous said...

Considerably well executed article!